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Leapval is a parent company for various Businesses

Where ideas are brought to life. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Project Management

Extensive project management experience managing end-to-end throughout the projects lifecycle.


Strategy development and gtm rollout to ensure the product hits the right vertical and customers


We love making ideas come to life. We can be your trusted partner in the road that lies ahead.

We Present Unique Best Corporating Ideas !!

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Projects Done


Years Experience


Go Getter

How We Work For You?

A bit about what we can do for you and how we can support your business.

Project Management

With 8+ years of experience managing tiny projects to to large projects, spanning months to a years, I can support your project in getting off the ground and covering all the bases along the way.

Adeqaute Business Integration

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Turning an idea or a product into something tangible is what we live for. From idea to concept and beyond. Entrepreneurship is what it is all about. <3

The stepping stones

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01. Idea & Concept

Got an idea? let’s chat and let us make it grow together.

02. Getting ready

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03. Hooraay and we are off

Off to the races and now its about making it grow and nailing it all the way to the bank.

A snapshot of our Portfolio

Some projects are still is their early stage, some are done and dusted. We work through the lifecycle of tons of projects. Some turn into something, some never do. But you have to enjoy the journey.

Say Hello

Feel free to throw me a message, I would love to have a chat about your idea or perhaps just for sparring.



Copenhagen, Denmark

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